Sometimes the internet takes a trip back to the 90’s, where we’d get excited to hear the timeless “You’ve Got Mail” from our AOL inbox. Unfortunately, these time warps include endless buffering while trying to watch the latest episode of our latest flix favorites.No longer do you need to start and that red spinning circle at the center of your anti social existence. Follow these simple steps and say goodbye buffering forever.


By hitting CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+S while a Netflix video is playing you can access the Netflix Stream Manager as illustrated below:

netflix stream manager

The video bit rate is what we’ll need to change, and when you open the stream manager only one of the video bit rate options will be selected. You will lose some image quality while streaming the movies, but smartphone users wont notice at all, and it will certainly lower the bandwidth used on their cell phone’s data plan.

Go ahead and select about 2 speeds lower than what it shows your speed to be. For example, if when you opened the stream manager you found the number 2350 pre-selected, go ahead and click 1050; if 5800 was the number, select 3000.

That should make a significant difference to your viewing experience. This is especially applicable to people travelling or using Netflix on their smartphones. After you’ve selected the new video bit rate click “Reset” and if the stream manager window doesn’t close go ahead and click CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+S once more. Enjoy!